Wealth Solutions and Sustainable Passion

ATRASUS GmbH - Your choice matters

Atrasus is a network-based platform that offers investment solutions and financial services.

We work together with qualified service and investment partners and combine the best talents to provide customised and innovative solutions for any client needs and projects.

What we do

Wealth management strategy consulting

  • Advisory on sustainable wealth management services, pricing models and digitalisation needs for financial institutions to create sustainable competitive advantage and differentiation
  • Selection and monitoring of the best suitable service providers and investment partners to ensure high quality in all areas and eliminate conflicts of interest
  • Development of new tools for client acquisition and retention


Investment advisory on Alternatives, ESG/Impact and New Technology areas

  • Independent advice on liquid and illiquid investment opportunities with a special focus on:

       ○ fixed-income alternatives
       ○ sustainable investments and
       ○ new technologies

  • Investment due diligence and monitoring

Foundation services

  • Risk controlling and and “ambassador” function to represent their interests towards service providers, authorities and other stakeholders
  • Consultancy for sustainable investment solutions and other foundation-specific investment needs
  • Set-up and monitoring of service provider and investment partner network to grant best execution services and eliminate conflicts of interest
  • Fund raising


Capital raising and private market solutions

  • Capital raising for PE funds and early-stage companies
  • Exclusive access to private market investments